In a jam for cancer clinic

17 Mar, 2004 01:39 PM

Five entrepreneurial friends got their heads together and recently came up with an idea for raising much-needed funds for the Milton Ulladulla Cancer Outpatients' Appeal.

David and Meruys Freeman grow organically fertilised plum trees on their property off Wheelbarrow Road and, coupled with Betty White's selling skills and Bette and Bruce Buckingham's jam-making skills, the friends set to work to raise funds.

Betty and David picked the plum trees bare and left them in the capable hands of Bette and Bruce.


The many jars of delicious rich crimson jam were then placed in the capable hands of Betty White, who turned jars of jam into $115 toward the Milton Ulladulla Cancer Outpatients' Appeal in just four weeks.


"Bette, Bruce and I are at an age where we have the time to do these things and it keeps us busy and healthy to be out helping others," Betty White said.

"We have found that this community is very good at networking and getting behind ideas to prompt our Government into action.

"It has been done before, with Sarah Clayton and the Civic Centre, where the town gets in and raises the initial funds, and the Government finishes off with a grant and things get done," Betty said.

"We have thought of a simple way to use what we have and raise funds for a much needed cause, and we would like to encourage others to do the same," Bruce Buckingham said.

Bette's next venture is to make lemon and ginger jams to sell, anyone interested in donating lemons and jars could phone Betty White on 4455 2107.